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“How about we just talk about the fact that New Day were just about to enjoy pancakes from a trash bag?”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               — Corey Graves

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It’s been a hell of a weekend, between NXT Takeover: Chicago, and Money in the Bank, the landscape of the WWE Unive-… ugh, sorry, threw up in my mouth a bit there… the landscape of the E has definitely taken a bit of a change. But as always, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Want to know more check out wFo Aftershock on both NXT Takeover, and Money in the Bank and figure it out for yourself.

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Backlash was… well… kind of like the picture shows, a bit of a kick to the nuts.  Nothing big happened, no changes, no shock value, all in all it basically went as most people would have expected (not that you can judge that by our predictions — check the forums and/or our Facebook page if you need to back that up.) However, if you want our full opinion on the matter, check out wFo Aftershock and get the immediate reaction so many people crave in this day and age.

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The road to WrestleMania kicked off tonight with the arrival of… Ronda Rousey?  Well, worst kept secrets aside, the women’s Royal Rumble was a major success despite being a bit kitschy, and a tragic marketing ploy.  The event on the whole came out smelling like a rose, and for the first time I can remember, there’s not much bad to say about a WWE event.  Want more? Stay tuned tomorrow for Aftershock in text form.

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Decided that the Brock Lesnar schedule isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and since he has shown up like, four times in the past month, that it was well past time to do something.  John Cena is ripping Roman Reigns to shreds, The Miz is actually proving to be someone that no one expected him to be, Chad Gable has a new black best friend, and Kevin Owens is beating up old guys.  Oh, and it’s football season.

You can’t catch up all at once, but you can read this article about WWE’s new developmental talent, and keep watching. We might do a trick.

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The monster among men proved that multiple repeated attacks are freaking awesome. As someone on Instagram pointed out the parallel to the Spongebob SeaBear Attack. (check the link for audio and basic recreation). Honestly it should have kept happening and it would have been priceless.  That said, it’ll be interesting to see just who Smackdown gets back for all the flood of talent they just traded away to Raw.   I’m saying it flat out on the main page, bet on Brock Lesnar going to Smackdown.

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I’m fairly certain the quote that we used at the top of the page says scores about WrestleMania 33 and what happened between Roman Reigns and The Undertaker.  Beyond that, check out our first AfterShock for the rest.  It’s not an easy night to say goodbye to a legend, but as a good friend of mine once quoted from God knows where…

“Legends are things of myth… do I look real to you?”

I may be misquoting, it’s late, and that’s how things work. I’ll be back tomorrow to update some more.  Enjoy the show.

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When you haven’t ever done what you’ve never done, and haven’t faced what you’ve never faced, can you ever be sure that you won’t be the best that you’ve ever been?

Cultivating Thought.

AJ and Shane did the classic “You’ve never met a motherfucker quite like me” bit and set up the most hollow showdown for what should be one of the more interesting matches at WrestleMania.  Meanwhile, NXT is up next on the Go Home schedule, or “WrestleMania Week” as the WWE continue to overbrand.  I’m also watching everyone debate about the business of the NFL and how much of a real villain they are when it comes to our fandom as football enthusiasts.  Kinda gangster when you think about it.  Vince would be proud.

Oh yeah, over on our Twitter account, Hit List Live is going on this afternoon, ya might wanna check that out.

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Okay yeah, I know, people love to hate on Goldberg, and his appearance on Raw was as it has been for most of the entirety of his latest run: short and pointless.  But I couldn’t resist using that picture, because Brock Lesnar is looking like the white Piston Honda, and I can still laugh just thinking about the fact that Lesnar got beat that badly at Survivor Series.

Go home day for Smackdown, Luke Harper gets to face off against Bray Wyatt and take his “Dean Ambrose” position, and gets left in the dust of the bigger two of the second stage, Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman-less Wyatt Family.  Other than that, it’s the start of the pre-show, ending with something between AJ and Shane that will be more entertaining than the whole of Raw.

Tuesdays are slow days for us, but hey, it’s still a comeback. and here we are, working our way towards Mania.

…….hehehehe….  a minute twenty six and looking like Piston Honda… so great.

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So it’s “Go Home” week for WrestleMania, and due on the docket for Raw is Seth Rollins signing a “Hold Harmless” contract to have what used to be known as an “Unsanctioned Match” or “Fight” with Triple H at WrestleMania.  Also supposedly some form of junk between “The Unstoppable” Goldberg and “The Beast” Brock Lesnar for “Fantasy Warfare Gets Real… Again” at “The Ultimate Thrill Ride”.

Oh, for those tired of branding and all that jazz, we changed the name, updated the pictures, and have the same brand of sass we’ve always had.  Word on the Street will be up later today, but by all means, check out the other daily posts that we have for you underneath including our random generator of something “Clickbait of the Day”,  some sort of food porn in the form of “What’s In The Kitchen?”, and our informational expansive section called “S.U.N.K”.  You can read it, you’ll see the acronyms, you’ll understand quickly.

It’s Day 1 of the Return, I’m up til 3am fighting fights that can’t be fought and feeling like absolute holy hell.  This isn’t just any restart proceedure, this is a freaking W.F.O. Restart Procedure, so stay tuned people, because the insanity only gets ramped up from here.

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It’s that time of year, once again folks.  It’s hard to believe that other than a couple of updates here or there, we’ve actually been gone for a full year, our last show being on WrestleMania 32 in Dallas, listening to the Texan Road Rage Factory that was and is Michael Benningfield weave his way out of the post Mania traffic while we discussed what was a gimmick laden but overall all too common “can’t really see what this was until we look at it in five years” kind of WrestleMania.

After that, everyone but me, got fired, and with a skeleton crew of one, and a timetable that was as flexible as AJ Mendez-Brooks (Brooks-Mendez?  Just Brooks? I dunno, I just know I’ve seen cats less flexible than that woman, and God bless her for it, and God help Phil if he doesn’t appreciate it.) here we are building up towards WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, and the site has undergone at least three look changes, a million subtle tweaks that nobody but the people who did them (me) will notice, and planning.  So much freaking planning.  The idea being that we’re going to come back, and do something.  Something good.  Something different.  Something that isn’t being done by anyone else out there, or potentially done by a bunch of different people out there, just done originally as a collective, as no one has thought to put them together under one roof before.

….or…maybe… just maybe… we’re gonna start “stealing other people’s shit” because they stole it from us first, they just had bankroll, people, and the tenacity and willpower of a collective, where we keep firing everybody for falling off the damned train.

In any reasoning, we’ve got some things shaking, and admittedly, this beast is going to sound like starting a 72 Pinto that has sat for the better part of three decades in the elements, and hasn’t been tried for that time.  As I believe was best put by Elwood Blues: “We got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark… and we’re wearing sunglasses…”

Or as Homer Simpson once put it: “But Marge! That little guy hasn’t done anything yet!!! Look at him!! He’s gonna do something, and you know it’s gonna be good!!!!”

Or maybe it was put best by Dave Chappelle, who said, as Ed Bradley, “Don’t bust that nut just yet, we’ll be right back.”

Stay Tuned…

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