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In 2005, in a remote town in Siskiyou County, California, two men discovered their fates.  As if drawn together by the infinite magnetism of the universe, destined to always collide, these two brave warriors, these true renegades of the wrestling landscape, “The Mastermind” Dave Murr and “The X Factor” Josh Lake, came together and in a true blaze of energy and destruction, forged an alliance to always stand and fight for that which is right within the world of professional wrestling.

As things tend to, as time moves on so does life as we know it.  Things change, situations change.  As was best said by the stable Evolution, “Adapt… or Perish.”  wFo was no different.  After a nearly two and a half year hiatus, lost to the confines of a small junior college that few ever admit to going to, the phoenix that was Wrestling Fanatics Only rose yet again, this time with legitimacy, and a weekend radio time slot that only those most hardcore of fanatics would tune in for.  For a solid calendar year, the dastardly duo, the renegades of wrestling radio, had a ball.  The tandem grew and sprouted, becoming something resembling cult leaders.  Small were the numbers but the mission had never been more clear.  Do not forget the simple things, for they will inevitably be your downfall. 

Due to circumstances well documented elsewhere, and not needed in historical perspective, wFo as we knew it went the way of Walt Disney, and froze itself underneath miles and miles of concrete and security measures, as at the end of 2012, the band was essentially disbanded.  Life, such as it is, takes its toll, needless to say, and the tenacity it takes to be a Heath Slater-esque One Man Band… well, at the time, the fortitude was not had to accomplish such a feat.

Riding solo, “The X Factor” Josh Lake went on to be an in part creator of another short lived phenomenon, “We Are IWC”.  Led by Michael Benningfield, the group took off like a rocket, gaining popularity and notoriety, most notably by being the leaders of the “#CancelWWENetwork” movement after the Royal Rumble in January 2015.  Little did they know at the time that the act would be a swan song for the duo under the IWC creation, as it was bought out and both assets and talent subsequently redistributed. 

The rather Vince McMahon-esque destruction of We Are IWC lead to the rebirth yet again of wFo following WrestleMania 31 in our native California.  The group was unstable however, as meshing talent and trying to get a stable schedule and track was nigh impossible.  Still, 2015 was a solid year for wFo until again, a stumble came, and we needed to again be put on the shelf.

But… much like the reigning, defending, undefeated, undisputed wFo Champion Shawn Michaels, it may take us awhile… but when we get it right… it’ll be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

So here we are, under a brand new heading, and easing the title that we so dearly held onto for as long as we have. We are still Wrestling Fanatics Only.  The philosophy has not changed and we still exist by that simple philosophy:  We are The Revolution.  We live by the mission statement that all facets of life in some manor or another, are colored and touched by the influence of the playground of the immortals.  Stories are told by our children, and our children’s children, as they were by our fathers, our mothers, our grandparents, our elders.  It is up to us to not only hold the legacy but define it.  It is up to us to hold those who hold the pens accountable for that which they scorch into the landscape of that which we hold dear.  This has not changed. This is why you will find us at the wFo Underground covering everything from television shows, movies, video games, comic books, other sports, romantic endeavors… the scope of our landscape is bound only by our ability to find and understand anything we come across.  Because in some ways, the true opera of professional wrestling, is… at least to us… a microcosm of humanity in general.  As William Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women are merely players… they have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts…”

All we did was make it a little easier for people to understand the movement.  It’s not mainstream.  Like most rebellions, we stick to the shadows and we make our stances count.  We cover so much more than wrestling, but make no mistake, we are very much Wrestling Fanatics Only…. we’re just letting you know the definition of a wrestling fanatic is much more broad than anyone typically realizes.   We are a vast and varied culture of fanatics, and we cross into many realms.  The wrestling world as we once knew it is but a chapter in history, and so, must we look at the landscape and, more importantly than ever… adapt… or perish.

As someone once said, “There is one thing stronger than all the armies of the world… an idea who’s time has come.”  I believe that is where we come in… or putting it as Bray Wyatt would…

“What you so scared of man?  Heh…… we’re here.”

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::|†|:: “The X Factor” Josh Lake (Owner of The Endgame Syndicate & wFo Underground, Champion of Smartassery & Sandwich Lover) ::|†|::
::|†|:: “The Real Deal” Syrus McNeil (XO & OC of The Endgame Syndicate & the wFo Underground, Master of Digital Craft ::|†|::

::|†|:: The Live Via Satellite Crew ::|†|::
::|†|::  “The Mastermind” Dave Murr – The Originator, On-Air Talent, & Thought Cultivator ::|†|::
::|†|:: “The Rage Factory” Michael Benningfield – Resident Texan, Writer, On-Air Talent & Epic Asshole (See: Texan)  ::|†|::
::|†|:: “The Silent Voice of Reason” Shay Featherston – Executive Assistant, Occasional Live Studio Audience & Trampled Referee  ::|†|::
::|†|:: “The Showstopper” Ryan Hunter – Social Media Pterodactyl, Pedant, Show-Off & Captain Obvious’ First Mate  ::|†|:: 

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