wFo Aftershock – WWE Backlash

Backlash. The first Aftershock of 2018 and we haven’t had a bad show, if not interesting booking and about 10 minutes for a conga line. (Speaking of which, why is it No Way Jose is working, but Adam Rose apparently was a flop?  Was it a British thing?)

Backlash kicked off with the Iiconics on the pre-show interrupting Renee Young, and getting utterly annoying.  Followed by Bayley getting her supple ass handed to her by The Riott Squad.   It was a pre-show match, and it wasn’t exactly anything beyond what you’d expect as such. Setting more fuel towards the inevitable Bayley/Sasha explosion by SummerSlam.

By the time we get to the real show, we kick things off as tends to be traditional anymore, the Intercontinental Championship match between a solo Miz and a red hot Seth Rollins.  As has also become traditional, the Intercontinental Championship is the championship in the WWE, second only to the WWE Title on Smackdown.  This was an excellent story told by two amazing athletes, and Seth Rollins picked up the win after a curb stomp out of nowhere (can we settle on a name for this by the way? Please?)

Nia Jax came at Alexa Bliss, and as with most David and Goliath battles, it was chopping down the tree until it fell, with Alexa pulling one hell of a kick to take Nia down from the second rope.  However it wouldn’t be enough in the end, as the Be a Star Program got it’s hype person in the form of Nia Jax.

Jeffery Hardy, The Brother who is Nero, took on the man who hears voices, but not as many voices as Jeff’s brother, because that’s why Matt is “woken”, he’s just kept up from the voices in Randy Orton’s head.  Truly this was a throwback classic, where they both put on an excellent performance, but it was a midcard match on Raw in 2004, including the missed sale of Orton laying out for the Twist of Fate for Jeff, who retained his United States Championship.

After this, Elias decided to do his thing, only to be interrupted by The New Day,  then interrupted by Rusev Day, then interrupted by No Way Jose (and Titus Worldwide). Finally interrupted by a GLORIOUS… DDT, and a Bobby Roode booty shake on the conga line on the way out the door got Rusev shook.

Next, Daniel Bryan took on Big Cass.  Big Cass was big. Daniel Bryan was not. Daniel Bryan took the big man down and made him tap. Formula met.  Cass beat the hell out of Daniel Bryan after the match. Formula met more.  Moving on.

Carmella took on the Queen, Charlotte Flair.  Anyone else wonder how she became a Queen? Other than being wrestling royalty, and since Ric still lives, can she be a queen yet?  At any rate, the Crown Princess of Smackdown Live took on Charlotte.  It was actually an impressive match, but Carmella has been underrated for awhile.  However it wasn’t a showcase for Mella, but she did retain her Smackdown Women’s Championship.

in the confusing move of the night, with three matches left they go to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Styles and Nakamura.

Why the WWE would see fit to knock Smackdown so badly as to make them not even close to the main event, I’ll never known.  When their main event is Roman versus Joe, no one really knows… but you can never say enough about an AJ Styles versus Shinsuke Nakamura match.  It was a glorious example of what the product could be, until it ended in so much man touching that the FCC may have fines.  Double countout due to neither man being able to continue with their balls intact.

This lead to Strowman and Lashley against Kami.  Zayn and Owens were their comical selves that makes you wonder who they pissed off in the world to get this assignment.  After a few high points, the match ended in a clusterfuck that had the illegal man pinned.  Welcome to how to make this whole thing continue on.

Finally the night ended, as it just shouldn’t have, with Samoa Joe versus Roman Reigns.  The entire match was a clinic of how to kick the holy hell out of Roman Reigns.

So, naturally this means that Roman is going to hulk up. Get out of the Coquina Clutch. Catch Joe out of the corner looking for a Muscle Buster. Spear him a second time for the win, Roman Reigns style.

I’m a fan of Roman. I like the guy, but this win does nothing but continue to keep Joe mired in mediocrity.  Sadly, that’s just how the new John Cena is gonna roll. New shovel, same as the old shovel.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad night, it was just booked hellishly wrong. In other words, yet another WWE Classic.

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