Khaos Theory – The Swing of Mighty Kacy

The Swing of Mighty Kacy
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I need to start this article off with a writer’s note… so, for the sake of continuity and proper writing etiquette…

::{Writer’s Note:  I feel weird that this is what inspired me to get up off of my ass and write an article.  Not Goldberg, and wanting to put a bow on whatever the hell that was.  Wasn’t the glory that was Reigns and Strowman.  Didn’t go with John Cena, Bray Wyatt, Johnny Impact or the revelation of the most obvious thing to happen since this side of Rock vs. Cena 2. Jeff Jarrett taking over TNA again, merging it with GFW, and subsequently having it tank anyway.

None of that gets my first article since WrestleMania… nope… it’s this.]::

It’s really easy to believe my focus hasn’t exactly been on wrestling lately.  I haven’t posted an article or updated anything since the Raw after Mania. I’ve been paying loose attention to WWE. I’m so far behind on Lucha its ridiculous.  I wish I as paying more attention to ROH, but ever since Michael Benningfield pointed out that the story of it really doesn’t keep following week to week I just can’t watch often.

But from time to time I do try and catch up, and I feel like I’m missing so damned much. I do miss watching the Young Bucks…

Anyway, I’m losing my focus here…

Last night I decide to catch up in my DVR, because I’m behind in so many damned things.  While I do, I watch Monday Night Raw, and I’ll get to that either tomorrow or later tonight, but after Raw, I decided to watch another one of my favorite things, American Ninja Warrior.

I decided to try something new, and not pay any attention to the city qualifiers or finals, or anything like that.  When they got to Vegas for the national finals, I decided to watch.

For those that don’t know about American Ninja Warrior, what the hell is wrong with you?  It comes from a Japanese athletic competition that’s one of the hardest most insane obstacle course challenges ever seen, Sasuke.  ANW has just gotten more insane as time has gone on, and in its ninth season, they are just as insane, if not a little watered down by having gotten so mainstream.

But if there’s one thing that American Ninja Warrior got right well before the WWE, it was the Women’s Revolution.  Women had competed in American Ninja Warrior in the same light as the men. Head to head.  Same course, same rules, same competition.  Up until this year apparently, which I just read that they pushed more women into the finals with a rule change.

In 2014, they finally had a woman climb the warped wall, a fourteen foot half pipe and finish a city qualifier course.  That woman was Kacy Catanzaro.  Let me put this into perspective for you…

Kacy is 4’11 and 95 pounds.  She is a gym instructor in San Antonio, originally born in New Jersey.  She is a never say die spitfire, and she has such a positive personality that she puts Bayley to shame.  Competitor takes on a new meaning with her, and when she made that fateful run in season six of American Ninja Warrior, she became an instant icon for the thought that women can do anything.

There’s all sorts of ways you can look at her, and what she did or didn’t do.  I’m sure I’ll hear about lots of them, (and by all means, I invite you to write in with your opinions and thoughts at [Real E-Mail])

I remember watching that night.  There are times that you know that you are seeing something that actually means something.  Something groundbreaking.   Something game changing.

Kacy just competed in her last American Ninja Warrior competition in Las Vegas last night.  It was an emotional night, and she fell short on the third obstacle.  It was interesting, and I was curious as to why it was that it was her final event as a ninja warrior.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that Kacy, with all the attention she’s garnered, and all of the things she’s done, she’s a WWE fanatic.  Of all the things she could have moved on to, she took her talents to Orlando, and accepted an offer to go to WWE Developmental.

That… That’s what inspired me to write this article.  Something that was hardly news worthy to anyone else that’s serious about wrestling, because truly, it meant something to me… and now I get to be curious.

Now, I get to see just how much the WWE is going to be doing to try to exploit someone who’s done more for the women’s revlolution than they could manage to. Because Kacy Catanzaro has one thing that the WWE creative team doesn’t have.  Authenticity.

Kacy will have her work cut out for her, and I hope she makes it.  I would love to see her doing great things in the WWE.  I just hope that they don’t try to cash in on her notoriety and/or completely throw her under the bus.  It’s already coming with Ronda Rousey, it’ll just be a matter of time.  That’s just one side of the coin, however.  The other half?  Ask American Gladiators Grand Champion Rico Constantino about that…

Best of luck in Developmental, Kacy. Please, don’t let them ruin you.  Go get your dreams, girl.  You’ve given them to so many others, go get yours, again.

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