W.F.O: Ep. 14 – Mouths Going South

W.F.O: Ep. 14 – Mouths Going South

Tonight on the podcast. We almost don’t make it.  Sleep deprivation left oxygen levels running low, tragically leading to falling deep… deep into the darkness.

After previously cancelling the show, “The One Man Riot Act”  Michael Benningfield decided to go rogue, and make “The X Factor” Josh Lake leave his bed and start recording some shit… and while we left one woman behind, she was out cold, and “The Silent Voice of Reason” succumbed to sweet sweet slumber… the others decided to go off on Nintendo games, who could talk the best on the mic, and how you could reform DX and the nWo in modern day WWE… amongst other things…

We just hit the downward spiral… ejection seat is broken… hammer time.

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