W.F.O: Ep. 15 – I Knew It… I’m Surrounded By Assholes…

Tonight on the podcast, we go all in for Battleground… and we pass the hat around to collect our $9.99.  Straining to make the glory that is our show, we talk about tasting the rainbow, the finer arts of fudge, and the various forms it can be collected.  We hit on Courtney Love, TNA in its various forms… why we don’t condone savagery on parents, but always encourage the open mindedness of a beating. Why Milky Way is just the female form of Snickers, and why metal can help you study. \m/

Five people, one podcast, tragically is nearly as disgusting as two girls one cup, but not quite as gratuitous.  As we come out of our first hour break, we have 11 minutes or so that are nearly unlistenable from an audio standpoint, we warn you of this ahead of time, luckily, not a lot of things happened in that time, so feel free to fast forward from about 1:01:00 to about 1:11:00. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you, it’s rare we encounter mistakes like this, but it’s also rare we run into dying batteries, a five person podcast, and the audio engineer being sleep drunk… shit happens, get over it.)

The title really says it all tonight.  Every way you looked, we truly were entirely surrounded by assholes… Enjoy the chaos. 😀

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