W.F.O: Ep: 18 – #AllOverYourFace

Tonight on the program, The Mastermind makes his move and goes full blown Willy Wonka,  The One Man Riot Act rage quits, leaving The Silent Voice of Reason and The X Factor to go toe to toe with one another and you, and tell you… yes… you… the gratuitous fandom, why it is that you’re all being suckered when someone tells you Wrestling is Fake, why Dana White is a troll, why you’re still killing wrestling, why Nikki Bella is almost dangerously close to being watchable,  why Twitter is always breeding grounds for entertainment and anarchy, why if you’re still not watching Lucha Underground, you have no idea what you missed… and why most importantly, even Jeff Jarrett says that Josh knows better than anybody.

Oh, and Young Bucks, Hardys, Roddy Piper… you know, little bit of a lot of things… and #Stuff… and #Things…

#AllOverYourFace… better believe it.

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