Last Man Standing — Round 3: Entertainment In Wrestling

Round 3… finally.

“The One Man Riot Act” Michael Benningfield steps into a showdown with “The X Factor” Josh Lake as they tackle the perils of what makes wrestling entertaining.  Tragically the conclusion is less than final, but in order to draw your own conclusions, it never hurts to listen to the views of two maniacal madmen who love to fight about everything… especially if they see it the same way.

But only one can be… the Last…Man…Standing…

Last Man Standing — Round 2: The Art of the Stable

The Last Man Standing Podcast is back for Round 2. This time, they tackle the better of groups, individuals, and those whom would be good with them and in what role.  Confused? So were we, but all that mattered in the end was that there was a lot discussed about the art of what makes a good faction… and that there was but one Last Man Standing.

Last Man Standing – Round 1: The Long and the Short of Hair

In the inaugural episode of Last Man Standing, the two beasts known as “The One Man Riot Act” Michael Benningfield and “The X Factor” Josh Lake (also, to be noted, not the most fashion forward gents of our generation…) take on the aesthetics and promotion of professional wrestling within the scope of a rather unique perspective: hair.  Long haired wrestlers versus short haired wrestlers, throughout time, and the effect it’s had on their careers.  Battle is waged in this epic struggle of just seeing who can outlast the other.  Find out who was the Last…Man…Standing…