S.U.N.K. (Shit You Need To Know)

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 – This is The Shit You Need To Know

  • Bullet Points actually look better than numbers when making a list of things you need to know, that way it doesn’t look like you’re prioritizing them.
  • Tuesdays… are slow days…
  • Wednesdays are #WarZoneWednesdays and we celebrate it by ignoring Monday, and skipping ahead to Tuesday, and looking at today’s content in a Twitter “Live-Via-Satellite” tweet that we like to call “Hit List Live”, where we review the Saturday first broadcast of Ring of Honor Television, Smackdown Live, 205 Live, and NXT (and Lucha Underground when it comes back)
  • Thursdays are when we cover the other stuff (Raw and Impact), because doing it all in one day makes for one exceptionally long day on Twitter, and once you start combining them as opposed to trying to do everything as it comes out, it all goes into the wash as it is.
  • TBD

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017 – This is The Shit You Need To Know

  1.  TBD

Monday, March 27th, 2017 – This is The Shit You Need To Know

  1.  This is a static page devoted to the Shit You Need to Know in the world we live in as we see it.   It will be updated daily, multiple times throughout the day, and it will be kept for a calendar week until we refresh it for the next week.  This link will bring you to this page, and if you want an archive, one will be available upon request.
  2. If we break news, or report on something, be it wrestling, sports, entertainment, news, or whatever, we will provide a link supporting said story.  If it’s a statement, then it is as such.  We will always do our best to site our references when speaking on things here.
  3. Some things will be entirely random.  Trivial pieces of knowledge, bits and pieces of bits and pieces meant to both inform and entertain.
  4. We are a west coast oriented nocturnal living entity. This means that a lot of our content will either be behind the news release of the east coast, and will be posted from late morning (10am Pacific) to early morning (2-4am Pacific depending on insomnia).  Our podcasts, when done, will typically be extremely late/early morning releases, especially for W.F.O. AfterShock, which is our PPV reaction podcasts.  By the time its recorded, synched, and uploaded, it’s usually due for release between 9pm and 10 pm Pacific time.  Our non-time sensitive podcasts may not be released as late, but likely standard time for releases for us have always been around 10pm Pacific.  Blog posting times will be more sporadic.
  5.  Masterpiece Theatre Monday: Our social media presence on Monday’s now will be following the hashtag #MasterpieceTheatreMonday or #MTM, on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds.  It will involve all sorts of memes and videos centered around wrestling, but also showcasing cars, cosplay, artwork, anything that we can showcase that we like and that falls within the realm of fun, beautiful, and worth showing off.  Short of hot people in most cases… that’s an entirely different day of the week.
  6.  NFL: The Oakland Raiders are now the Las Vegas Raiders

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