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WFO AfterShock: WrestleMania XXXIII: Dead Men Tell No Tales

I’m rarely at a loss for words, and truly, after this WrestleMania… I feel like I should be after witnessing what I just did…

WrestleMania XXXIII (or 33 for those who don’t speak roman numerals), is in the books. After the dust settled, we found ourselves with a slew of new champions. (Owens, Orton, Lesnar, Naomi, The Hardys… wait, did I mention The Hardys?)

We had the end of the fairy tale, and the Last Ride of The Dead Man.

This WrestleMania will go down in the annuls of time for many reasons:

  •  Shane McMahon cementing his place, like it or not, in the WWE Hall of Fame.
  • CGI making its debut in pro wrestling.
  • The gender bending of an entrance between father and daughter.
  • A super jacked up Canadian playing an Indian get his face blasted off by a trained polar bear who plays for the New England Patriots.

Ultimately, of all the things that were seen at this WrestleMania, (including Stephanie McMahon’s glorious ass in black leather…) we saw a man do something that very few ever do: make a literal example of leaving themselves in the ring, one final time.

Make no mistake, Mark Calaway did that tonight, and in doing so he left us a legacy and a masterpiece out of a match that was not truly marked in either one of those.

Above all else, he, and he alone, elevated something that should not be into something that can never be forgotten.  Stand and pay your respects for The Dead Man, for you shall never see his like again.

At least… until WrestleMania XXXIV… maybe…

Enjoy the podcast.

WWE Erase Goldberg Loss To Kevin Nash During WCW Era

WWE Erase Goldberg Loss To Kevin Nash During WCW Era


We all have something in life that we wish could be erased, eradicated, or whatever other term you’d like to use to say “never happened.” For Goldberg and WCW (World Championship Wrestling) their big wish would have been to never have Goldberg lose his undefeated streak to Kevin Nash on a fateful night at Starcade.

However, WCW made matters worse the following night when they had the infamous slap to the face incident in which Kevin Nash received the finger poke of doom and fell down, giving Hogan the WCW Heavyweight Championship.

WWE, on the other hand, are quite capable of wiping away and victories and that is just what they are doing. Remember when Chris Benoit did something horrible and they erased him from history? In fact, in a triple threat match at WrestleMania in which he beat two other guys, the WWE Network wouldn’t show the match when it first came out, instead insisting no one won the match.

Take Hogan, and what happened, and now you know why WWE are erasing Goldberg’s loss to Nash. The way they see it, if Nash doesn’t beat Goldberg, Hogan never gets the title, and since it is all too cool to completely erase a severely balding has-been like Hogan from the record books, this comes as no surprise.

What does come as a surprise, however, is what is set to happen now that the streak is intact again. As Goldberg announced earlier today, he is set to face Brock Lesnar in a Beast VS Streak match at WrestleMania 32 (because, as we all know, the first encounter between these two was damn great, right?)

As we’ve been told, we look for it to go down like this:

Goldberg will return somewhere around the Royal Rumble, and he will win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and carry it to WrestleMania 32. That night, Goldberg will once again fall victim as the Beast Brock Lesnar will defeat him. The next night on Raw, it is our understanding that Lesnar will drop the title to none other than Sting in a “Finger Poke of Doom Recreation.”

Sting will then disappear with the title after a hard night’s work and won’t be seen for a couple of years until he and Undertaker show up at WrestleMania 34. There, they are set to have a “LOSER GETS BURIED IN A CASKET, WINNER RETIRES LIKE THEY SHOULD HAVE 20 YEARS AGO” match.

Tyson Kidd: Interview With The Man That Survived

Tyson Kidd: Interview With The Man That Survived

It isn’t very often in this industry that an unknown site get the opportunity to sit down and talk to one of wrestling’s biggest stars; and to be fair, we still haven’t, however, we did get to interview Tyson Kidd.  That’s not saying he isn’t a star, but lets be real: he’s no John Cena or Lance Storm, for that matter.

Below is a transcript of our interview with Tyson Kidd. I must preface this by saying that at moments things were very serious, and sometimes very tense.

WFO: Tyson, thanks for taking the time to sit down and chat with us today. We do hope you are recovering well.

TK: Thank you. I am slowly getting better, but it will be a long road ahead of me before I am past this.

WFO: Well let me ask you, how are you feeling these days?

TK: I’m not feeling. I can’t feel anything. I broke my neck, remember?

WFO: Yes, I do recall that incident, however, I must say, Kurt Angle and Steve Austin both broke their necks, and they aren’t complaining about it. In fact, Angle still takes the chance to tell us all about it every damn chance he gets. Does that bother you at all, knowing that you are lying here in a bed and yet a guy like Angle is out there wrestling?

TK: Not at all. Is there a reason why it should bother me? He is lucky he survived, and I’m happy for the guy.

WFO: Well, I don’t know that it should bother you, but I do find it funny that he, unlike you, is an Olympic gold medalist. He, unlike you, broke his neck and is still wrestling. Do you think it’s because he’s made in America? Are you Canadians just softer?

TK: Seriously man? I grant you an interview and this is where you take it? What does being Canadian have to do with a broken neck? Sh*t happens, look at WWE Total Divas! (At this point it is good to note that TK looked over at Natalya and said sorry babe.) Bret Hart is from Canada, Lance Storm, Owen Hart, and more. Canada has produced some great athletes, so how can you begin to compare their careers with whether or not they are American?

WFO: My apologies. We aren’t trying to say that Canadians aren’t tough, although I must point out that Bret Hart’s career got ended by a boot to the face from an American. Owen Hart’s career, well, his harness was made in China so that doesn’t really count. Lance Storm, I’m not sure if he ever really had a career, but look, can I be serious for a moment?  All joking aside, and I’m only joking with you, how is your recovery going?

TK: All joking aside, the recovery is coming along fine. Doctors say it’ll be at least 14 months before I am walking fully functional again, and from there, whether I’ll ever wrestle again is still unknown. There’s a chance I may never step into the ring again, and if I can’t, that’ll suck, but life goes on.

WFO:  So let me ask you: in your down time, when you aren’t in rehab or resting, do you play video games, or watch television? Does Natalya let you watch what you want to watch or does she control the television now that she knows you can’t wrestle the remote from her?

TK: It’s funny that you bring that up, about video games. I actually enjoy playing video games, and usually I’d get online and play some XBox One with my boy Xavier Woods since he has lots of down time in the locker room. However, I’m kind of upset at the latest WWE 2K installment, so I’ve stopped playing it for right now.

WFO: Is there something particular that has made you stop playing the game?

TK: As a matter of fact, yes, there is. As you know, 2K started doing updated rosters for online play and such. So a few days after Samoa Joe tried to give me the Dynamite Kid treatment, I logged in to play the game. Mind you, it was the first time since I got out of surgery and didn’t have so many meds in me that I couldn’t see straight. The game had an update, so I let it do its thing because you can’t play online until it updates. After the update, I went online and tried to select my character and it wouldn’t let me be me! Damn game! They made the rosters just like real life, so I can’t use my guy because he’s injured in real life! Ain’t that some BS!? I can’t wrestle in real life and now I can’t wrestle on the game!

WFO: Well to be fair, you couldn’t really wrestle to begin with, but I get what you are saying!

(At this point in the interview we had to take a few moments to allow Kidd to get something to drink, use the restroom, etc. However, before our interview could resume, TK received a call from Vince McMahon. It turns out that Brock Lesnar needs someone to fly to Minnesota and be his ragdoll for him to practice some German Suplexes on. Needless to say, Tyson Kidd is currently on a plane heading to Minnesota. Oh it’s true… it’s damn true!)

*******************If you haven’t figured out that this is all KAYFABE, then you’re an idiot. Honestly, some of us at WFO do wish Tyson Kidd a healthy recovery. Seriously, only some of us.******************