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BREAKING: The Undertaker Missing From Monday Night RAW Go Home Show

Breaking News coming in to the W.F.O. Underground:

Philadelphia — Sources backstage at Monday Night Raw tonight say that the Undertaker teases are all misdirection.  Amidst speculation that Mark Calaway, better known as The Undertaker, is not in Philadelphia tonight for Raw, due to concerns over his injury state after last week’s Raw, chokeslamming Braun Strowman.

Our source has told us that Vince McMahon had concerns about his ability to move like he should be able to.  In order to give the best performance that he can, and as “a precautionary move in order to give the fans the performance that they deserve, and the subscribers of the WWE Network their full $9.99 worth”  McMahon made the executive decision to send Calaway to Orlando, ahead of schedule, in order to give the fans what they want, his entrance is underway as we speak.

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