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Lessons in Race Baiting – The Saga of Titus O’Neil

Lessons in Race Baiting – The Saga of Titus O’Neil
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I very nearly put this into an Indoctrination… and it may still be coming, Ryan has his own agendas now that we’re trying to actually do something with ourselves.  However, as Michael Benningfield decided to call me to the floor (and by me, I mean we, and by we, I mean the site…) I thought now would be as good a time as any to pick up an article that he himself didn’t find the energy to write, and write it up myself.

Just so happens, that the one that he tossed in my lap is so currently culturally relevant…

I need to preface this entire article by saying this:  I’m not particularly a racially charged individual.  I am of a few cultures, and I self identify as mostly Mexican and Native American.  Culturally, I identify with no one but the people who grew up with next to nothing, and still have most of it left.  I’ve had it pretty good and pretty easy in my life, and I acknowledge this openly.  That’s not to say life is all a shower in Scrooge McDuck’s vault with scores of beautiful naked women… but we can’t have all of our dreams, and I’m still breathing, and can microwave a burrito, so life could be miles worse.

As such, many will say I am not in a place to make commentary on that which I don’t understand… to either side.  I’m not oppressed nor have I ever been.  I’ve never had the experiences of many peoples in this world. Michael and I specifically have gone rounds between us because of the concept of race and racially charged issues in our society and in our politics.  He’s from Texas, I’m from California, and I can almost leave it at that if you can imagine the cliches of Yosemite Sam squaring off with Johnny Utah…  needless to say we come from different worlds.  We all do, which is my point.   Limited Perception Based Reality.  I really need to trademark that phrase.

So as we always say here at the W.F.O. Underground… if you don’t like something we have  to say, direct all e-mail to gofuckyourself@wfounderground.com (and I can officially say this email is functional as of today…)  These are my views, my opinions, and my limited perceptions based on the reality as I see it, and for the sake of argument, I’m limiting this to sports related topics… Anything else… would be uncivilized…

So lets get right down to it, shall we?  It’s the second week in February,  dead smack in the middle of Black History Month, and here we are with stories that I’ve already heard this month:

DeMarcus Cousins of the Sacramento Kings gets shirts pulled honoring Chinese New Year “Year of the Monkey” due to release on the first day of Black History Month.

Cam Newton having to defend himself against reporters and fans because of his “over the top celebrations” and “flashy style” as a representative of an “black quarterback”

Beyonce Uses The Super Bowl To Promote Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers

Oh… and then there’s the one that gets to us. (By the way, I’m just stopping at three, because I promise you, there are more… but those are the ones that came to me easily)…

At the retirement celebration of Daniel Bryan, Titus O’Neil grabbed Vince McMahon’s arm as he went to leave.  Speculation has been rampant as to why in God’s name he’d do such a thing, but it was with enough force that Vince was visibly jerked back.  Vince, naturally being Vince, shoved Titus, and no one can really see whether or not Titus was laughing or not, but it appears he may be…

As has been reported a million places by now… the Chairman of WWE didn’t exactly take it lightly, as he reportedly had to be talked out of firing Titus, and initially suspended him for 90 days, since lowering it to 60, which still takes a talent out for WrestleMania 32.

Now that we’ve caught up with what happened, let’s dive into the dark side… pun fully intended.

Mike said he lost a previous post that he had done in regards to just how racist Vincent Kennedy McMahon is…  I remember the article, but I can’t remember when or where the hell he did it.  As he couldn’t recycle it, he opted not to do it again, where he drops it, I pick it up, but I start this portion of the article by saying this… I don’t believe this incident to be genuinely racially charged.  Someone threw it the hell down, and given, as stated above, the state of 2016’s Black History Month thus far, why in the hell wouldn’t they… I genuinely don’t believe this had anything to do with Titus being black.  This had to do with Titus having the audacity to touch Vince, and for the most part, being an expendable piece of the roster.

I should have mentioned I’m not particularly a fan of Titus O’Neil as a performer… but while it’s a fair commentary, it does bring forward a couple of things that we’ve discussed on the show before.  Vince doesn’t exactly hand the ball to black people.  I can’t remember the count, and if I wasn’t running long already, I’d take the time to run the numbers again.   It’s enough to where when you realize that Ron Simmons was the first black WCW Champion, and first black man to hold a major title… when you realize that most of the black guys in the WWE that you can name as a champion held the WWE World Championship (AKA the Smackdown Title) or the WWECW Title.   Those who want to point to The Rock, you can go ahead and do that, but 1) he’s only half black, and 2) he’s an exception that proves the rule.

Titus was sliding into a John Cena career slip n’ slide without realizing that it takes John Cena talent to establish, and John Cena guile to evade things… and John Cena tenure doesn’t hurt either.   Titus has done some great work in charity, he’s fought for some great causes, and is a great humanitarian.   According to sales for the WWE, Titus is selling merch left and right.  He’s a second place only behind John Cena.  He’s a media darling, he’s out on his own away from the Prime Time Players, and he’s climbing the ladder like Shelton Benjamin at Money in the Bank…

Sadly, much like Shelton,  Titus got bitchslapped hard enough to make his mama probably be showing up at Fastlane…

There are those who say a young black man was gaining speed, notoriety, and starting to get buzz, and Vince couldn’t hang with that, but with him agreeing to allow Triple H control until after Mania, he had to find an excuse to slap him down, and Titus gave him just that… a convenient excuse.  There are those who say it was nothing, and no one gets why an insane old man is making a mountain out of a molehill.  There are those who realize that Vince is insane, and know that if you touch crazy, it will anally rape you with a white hot branding iron if given half the chance…

Pick your poison… I know that the same man that banished Hulk Hogan for talking about black people in a sex tape don’t have the greatest track record when it comes to racial sensitivity.  But in the world that we currently live in, I wouldn’t, couldn’t, and shouldn’t be surprised to see lessons from the master in the art of race baiting…

…after all, we’re all talking about the WWE right now, aren’t we?  Makes us all have to stare at this face…


The Wrestling Files – The One Feud that Makes More Sense than Anything

The One Feud that Makes More Sense than Anything (But the WWE doesn’t see it).

By: Paul Marshall

Forgive the potential lack of quality for this column. It’s been about seven years since I stopped doing any wrestling-related writing. For those who weren’t around when Inside Pulse was establishing its identity, my name is Paul Marshall. I wrote for Pulse Wrestling for almost three years. I endured the first and only season of Celebrity Championship Wrestling. I endured the madness that was TNA. I created the W-Files. I ripped off the Ross Report and called it the Marshall Report…and you know, this could be the time to bring the former back.

Welcome…to the Wrestling Files. The place where I take something and make it sound more believable than WWE Creative. This is more of a cookie-cutter version, as I’m just doing this on the fly and with little train of thought considering I haven’t religiously followed the product in over a year. I read results every week and participate in the PPV prediction panel. So, here we go!

The Royal Rumble is over. Triple H rules the land once again as I check my watch and realize that I haven’t gone back in time. We have our main fueds for Wrestlemania 32 established with Brock Lesnar going on a feeding frenzy with the Wyatt Family, Chris Jericho working with Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles working with Kevin Owens, Charlotte taking on the Diva world, and a whole lot more. Also seemingly set is Roman Reigns avenging his loss by taking on Triple H.

But, the last two men in the Royal Rumble wasn’t Reigns and Triple H.

Nope. They were Dean Ambrose and Triple H.

Dean Ambrose has also been a thorn in Triple H’s side lately ever since he became Roman Reigns’ best friend, helping the big guy out when it was necessary. But, what has usually happened in any situation where Dean Ambrose faced off against the Authority? This even goes further while Seth Rollins and Sheamus were WWE Champion.

Roman Reigns wasn’t there for Dean Ambrose.

Roman Reigns is a bad friend, if you ask me. Dean was there for Roman many times, but when Dean needed the favor repaid, Roman was nowhere to be found. After being eliminated in the Rumble, Roman did what Roman always does…and leaves Ambrose to fend for himself instead of pulling a Wyatt family and coming in and eliminating Triple H just for giggles.

Where is the breaking point?

If I was fantasy booking this crap right now, I would have Dean Ambrose come out Monday night on RAW and simply challenge Roman Reigns to come out and have him answer why he didn’t help Ambrose beat Triple H. Have Dean become unglued saying that he was always there for Roman, through thick and thin and that Roman left him up the creek without a paddle. Notice how I’m refraining from using language here? Keeping things a bit on the PG side.

Roman tries to explain but decides to take Ambrose out instead, going heel in the process. Roman seems to be the easiest to turn here since he obviously is lacking fan support and Ambrose is as big a babyface as you can get. Ambrose is laid out and this would start the feud. Ambrose has the Intercontinental Title right now, but the feud wouldn’t necessarily require that belt, so perhaps at Fastlane, Roman could screw him out of the title.

For Wrestlemania 32, the bigger match would be Reigns v. Ambrose. Even if Triple H doesn’t have an opponent lined up, they could pull the play where the two fight to see who faces Triple H later in the evening. Two former friends turned enemies seems to be a more compelling story. It keeps Reigns from being forced down the fans’ throats.

So, which would you rather see at Wrestlemania? Ambrose v. Reigns, or Reigns trying to become John Cena II (and being hated like John Cena).