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Welcome to the wFo Asylum.  Damned be all who enter here…

Don’t worry, we’re all a bit mad around these parts…

This is the access page to our forums. We are doing a little bit of a lot of different things, and while we normally don’t believe in disclaimers, when you leave it up to the masses, you sometimes are better off to tell people how it is that they must conduct themselves, or at the very least, what to expect when you set foot within the walls of our insanity…

We do not reject younger fans.  As such, we expect that we’re not going to be showing anything, in writing or in picture or video, of hardcore pornographic material.  Sorry, we’re just not those guys, and it’s a pain in the ass to go through the age verification.  Besides we throw so many other things out the window, that when it comes down to it, really it’s just a matter of decency.

That said, we do promote just about anything, so while we won’t accept nor show pornographic material, we may show you where you can find it.  That’s on us, not on you.  From users, we don’t accept that, and it will get you summarily dismissed from our forums.

Language wise,  we subscribe much like Shannon Moore to The Book of D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F.  (For those whom are acronym challenged, that’s “Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck?”)

If you have complaints about this, we suggest contacting us at our email (GoFuckYourself@WFOUnderground.com – Real EMail) and we will gladly hear your complaints and address your concerns, even if it may not be the way that you like.

We are all about having fun, having open discussions about just about anything. Uncensored, unabashed, unashamed and just wide open.  It’s how we do.  If you’re down with that, you’re welcome here.  If you aren’t down with that, well… if you’re here, you probably can fill in that blank.

Suffice it to say, you’ll be dealt with. It’s really that simple.  If you require us to put together a list of “rules and regulations” we’ll be glad to take the time, trouble and effort to treat you all like school children.   Overall, we do what we do because we do it.  If you’ve got a problem with us… we really don’t care.  We do what we do for those who are for the revolution.

::|††|Welcome to the Madness|††|::

The Leaders of the Revolution