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You know, there are times we press our luck, and then there are times when if it’s a throwback, bah gawd, who are we to fight the forces of the universe?  So with that in mind, welcome one and all to the W.F.O. Radio Underground.  Sound familiar? Yeah, it kind of is, we’re just not playing with the social media names of it any more.  Joe knows he’ll never be fully rid of us, even if he’s long forgotten who we are.  Luckily for us, if you listen to the podcasts here, you may actually hear some coverage of motorsports… not much mind you, but… hey… anything’s possible.  Or you can read the descriptions below and check them out for yourself.

The Revolution Podcast
Welcome to The Revolution… Podcast.  W.F.O has gone Underground, and with that our horizons have expanded, but not entirely shifted.  With a focus still centering around pro wrestling, we have come to set you free from your boredom and your outlook on so many things, and this… well, this is the main event.  The Longest Running Weekly Episodic Podcast in the whole of history… of the internet… as its existed in this corner of the universe under the leadership of the self-proclaimed Ringleader of the Revolution, “The X Factor” Josh Lake, surrounded by a cast of various bits of insanity, have taken the evolution in revolution to its natural conclusion, as we still fight to better the landscape of professional wrestling, and the world as we know it as a whole, or at least make it more entertaining, talking about wrestling, pop culture, sports, life…you name it. This is two hours of your life you won’t get back, but believe me, you won’t get it anywhere else either, and truly worth the price of admission.

W.F.O. Anarchy at the Asylum
Eventually, we will (hopefully) have the pleasure of having company…  be it to just promote their own causes, or to discuss wrestling or whatever it is they’re into, or both.  It is in this section where our interviews will be conducted and they let visitors come in to the asylum to play with our lunatics.

W.F.O. Aftershock
A familiar name in an unfamiliar place formatted to be something it was anyway.  W.F.O. Aftershock is the show that preempts the show that would be running on Sundays because Vince McMahon decides to put on a show.  This may be expanded in the future to include events such as UFC Fights, Boxing Matches, and other Pay Per View Events that are not WWE related, presuming of course we can afford them or find ways to view them.

The Last Man Standing Podcast
A since rebranded concept and podcast, the Last Man Standing Podcast used to be a debate platform for Michael Benningfield and Josh Lake to yell at one another.  Depending on how The Rage Factory feels on any given day, it may be still. But it has changed format as it is now a weekly tournament of… well… something… thrown together and argued out until there is but only one left standing at the end.  It’s something we do behind the scenes all the time, and will tie in with our social media as well, as we will likely leak the tournaments the week before so that we can get all sorts of debate going before we sit down and do them.

Featured in The Last Man Standing…
The W.F.O. Tournament of Champions
A pair of yearly Fantasy Tournaments where “The Mastermind” Dave Murr, “The X Factor” Josh Lake, “The Silent Voice of Reason” Shay Featherston, “The Rage Factory” Michael Benningfield, and potentially some random and chaotic friends of the show, and the iconic 2001 John F. Kennedy head fifty cent piece, break down the best of the best of the best of wrestling on a completely insane and chaotically giant tournament where we crown the W.F.O. Champion and W.F.O. Tag Team Champions

So enjoy these sounds of the Underground of Professional Wrestling, and stay tuned for more material coming from W.F.O.

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The Leaders of the Revolution