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For those that like to rock… we salute you.  For those who like to read… well, we got something for you to.  Welcome to the W.F.O. Syndicate, where we have our writings, musings, and other such opinions and operations with the construct of all things W.F.O.  This is the whole listing, including somethings that we’ve rarely done, and things we haven’t even pulled off yet.  Plus, we include the spots for our regular guest appearances.

The Khaos Theory
From the mind of “The X Factor” Josh Lake… that in and of itself is scary enough.  You never know what you get from the self-proclaimed Ringleader of the Wrestling Revolution, but typically its long, its outlandish, and it’s filled with supercharged opinion that will make you laugh, or make you rage… possibly both.

Word on the Street
Everyone knows that you want to know something, you go to the guy who no one knows, but everyone knows.  For us, that’s “The Real Deal” Syrus McNeil.  The man who knows everything about nothing, a little bit about a lotta bit, and nothing about everything gives you all that he’s hearing in the world of wrestling.  Most of its bullshit, and we know that up front… but it’s fun to listen to the story.

S.U.N.K. (Shit You Need to Know)
This isn’t so much a blog as it is a running tab of daily updates for things we deem relevant to… anything really.  Wrestling, Social Media, Life, Sports, Entertainment. You name it, we’ll update it if we feel it needs to be updated, and we think it’s… well… read the title.

Louder Than A Bomb
“The Real Deal” Syrus McNeil’s contribution to the world.  Louder Than A Bomb hits things from the perspective of a man whom just knows the hustle of things, giving the view of just how much more fucked up things could get in an already fucked up world of Pro Wrestling.

The 4th Wall
Wrestling is Real… the stories are fake. For those who love things like Kayfabe News or things of a parody-esque nature, on occasion we take a stab at doing things that are entertaining, or if nothing else entertain the hell out of us.  It’s funny what happens when fiction meets the reality of fiction.

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
A long time staple of the podcast/radio show has always been the G.B.U’s… The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.  Now, we take this to its natural conclusion, which is to write them out, as a weekly blog, giving you our best, our worst, and our downright horrible.   We might still do it on the podcast too, but the jury is still out on that one.

Return Fire
Return Fire is one of those conceptual things that no one knows if it’ll work until you give credence to it.  Somewhere between a weekly mail bag and guest blogging, we give an opportunity to you, the listener and reader, to give your arguments against whatever we say.  The catch? It’s gotta be coherent, and it’s gotta have a full blown case to it.  Return Fire is the chance for you to have your voice heard, be it in opposition or support of anything we put up… and in that light, we also have…

The Part Time Periodicals (And Guest Spots)
We have some people on our staff who don’t always feel like they want to say things or do things, but when they do, we definitely like to catch them and share them.

“The Showstopper” Ryan Hunter hits the classroom inside of us all to give us the fans view of professional wrestling.   From how it looks with business deals and contract negotiations, to the evolution of tag team and hardcore wrestling, to guest appearances and why porn stars will always have a place in wrestling.  This is your education into the world of wrestling through the eyes of the revolution…

Welcome to your indoctrination…

The Sounds of Silence
Straight from the twisted mind of the silent storm,  Shay Featherston gives her perspective on things within the world of wrestling.  As currently the only female perspective in a very testosterone laden network, it can be refreshing to hear her outlook on how things are versus how they could be.  But you can never trust the quiet ones…

The Rage Factory
When Michael Benningfield unloads on the wrestling world, there’s no telling what havoc will be undoubtedly wrought.  He does make positive commentary, but more often than not, he’s taking sticks of dynamite and turning them into molotov cocktails and lobbing them at the wrestling world.  We tread carefully when it comes to dealing with him, but he do try to harness the lunacy.

The Wrestling Files
The grand prize for winning our last season of predictions in 2015, Paul Marshall requested a guest spot for a blog about Roman Reigns.  It seems fitting to give this opportunity to anyone, and really that’s what Return Fire is all about, however, The Wrestling Files should remain something special, and will be an exclusive occasional article, written by our regular participants in predictions (whom aren’t already on staff in some form.)

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