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Ryan Hunter’s blog “Indoctrination”, where class is in session, and The Revolution’s resident Headmaster of the Game will take your preconceived brainwashing, and fill your head full with the right stuff in each and every class, courtesy of the W.F.O. Revolution

Indoctrination – An Introduction To Your Education

Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats, and get situated… welcome to your…

Indoctrination - Intro

I am your leader for this class, Dr. Ryan Hunter. Before you ask, yes, my doctorate is real, I bought it fair and square from a homeless man not fifteen minutes ago before walking into this room. Now. Today, is simply the introduction to what will be your inevitable, and undoubtedly painful indoctrination into the world of Professional Wrestling, Sports Entertainment, and anything else I deem fit to teach you about. Should you feel the need to drop this class, I promise you, the doors have been barred, and if this bitch gets set on fire, you’ll still be learning about just what makes a good submission move. Possibly by having it applied.

Even if today, we’re not talking about submissions. Today is your syllabus. The very core of what we hope to do, and hope to accomplish by setting foot into my world. Today we take a look at why you need this class.

Yes… you in the back. No, I don’t care that this is a fourth grade geography class, you’re still gonna learn today. That is my point and my role. Dealing with the IWC is like dealing with fourth graders most of the time anyway… Actually that’s not fair to you. Most people have mastered listening skills by the fourth grade. Now, sit back, shut up and take it.

This is going to be a forum for the opening of hearts and minds to the reality of professional wrestling. I’m not gonna sugar coat anything, I’m not gonna beat around the bush. This is the reality of a man whom has seen the business from a lot of different aspects, and none of them from the inside looking out. Naturally this would be the one perspective most people whom want to learn about the business would look to in order to have an education. To them I offer this: Have you seen these people? Have you listened to them speak? It’s a cornucopia of the dimwitted, insane, or severely drugged in one manor or another. Now, I’m not here to belittle the people we all know and love so much, we know them and love them after all. My point is that sometimes perspective is a good thing, and other times it’s a bad thing. I’m not going to teach you things I don’t know. You wanna learn about how to break into the business and pull of a phoenix splash, they got people for that. I’m not that guy. You wanna know the origins of the phoenix splash and how it came to be a move? Read a fuckin’ book, I ain’t got that kind of time. On occasion, I might look something like that up… but really? Does anyone in this class know what a phoenix is? None the less why it would really suck to get hit with a splash by one?

No, this, my good and captive audience, is a place where I tell you about your indoctrination. Hence, the name up at the top. This is where I tell you all of the ways that things are going right, and things are going wrong. The fundamental philosophies of the business and process of professional wrestling. The basic construct of why it is that it hurts your championship belt to be sitting on a couch in the midwest. Why sometimes part timers are like botox, in small doses, it does awesome stuff, but in overdoses, you poison yourself like The Joker in some weird Batman erotic cosplay… I don’t make the rules, I just know how to point out the flaws in them. I am the man who gets to sit back and show you all why it is that you need to be joining the revolution. To show you what is being done, what should be done, and how it’s been done so that you might have an idea of what the ideal practice should be. Walking through subjects like titles, tag teams, stables, hardcore wrestling, merchandising, marketing, styles of wrestling, fans, arenas, settings and ambiance. What makes for a good card, a good match, a good gimmick, a good wrestler and a good organization. Now, do I know any and all of this?

I say I do… and truthfully, that makes it work for me. No matter whether you agree with it or not, you still get to hear it. I still get to say it. You still get to have the way you think about the world of professional wrestling, because I’ve said professional wrestling enough times by now that you understand that we talk about professional wrestling in these parts. Professional Wrestling is performed by professional wrestlers whom happen to be entertaining. The concept of what makes up a professional wrestler? Well… that’s a lesson for another day boys and girls…

For now, let’s call that recess. Watch out for the dodgeballs… and for the love of God don’t let anyone convince you they’re grapefruits…

Class Dismissed.