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The Paradigm of the E — The Khaos Theory

The Paradigm of the E
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I’ve kind of done this article before… eventually you do the same thing long enough and it just becomes cyclical. Fashion comes back, recycling becomes reasonable, and yet…

And yet…

I don’t believe I’ve tackled this from this particular angle.  Something I’ve noticed in my observations of the E.  Despite being the top dog for decades now, the WWE doesn’t have a cult following. It just has an obligation.  It has a fan base that follows the WWE because there is no real concept that we as wrestling fans would do anything otherwise.

I started to realize this in our down time.  I lost track of Lucha Underground. I’m still half of season 3 down, having it sit in my DVR like it’s taunting me.  I haven’t watched Ring of Honor in what seems like months.  TNA since they were up for sale.  I have no idea who’s on TNA tv, none the less who the champions are or what they’re doing.

The WWE’s own products aren’t exempt from this. I don’t even watch NXT because it takes too much effort to turn on the WWE Network and hop on there once a week. I’ve never seen an episode of 205 Live, not that 205 Live is its own brand, despite what the E would have you believe.

I record Raw and Smackdown, and I pay attention to them because if I’m going to watch wrestling, that’s what people talk about. That’s what “matters” in wrestling these days.  If you’re only going to pay a passing glance to professional wrestling, that’s what you watch. Raw, Smackdown, and the PPV’s, which is basically all I’ve been paying attention to for the better part of a year.

And yet…

If you’ve watched wrestling for any giant amount of time, or even a small time, you realize that there have been many chants over the years.  Every company has had one. WCW has had chants. ECW basically is a culture of chanting. ROH is notorious for it.  Lucha, TNA, hell, the nWo has been chanted for.  NXT is chanted for…

But you’ve never once heard a WWE chant.  Not once. It just isn’t done.  Not even as far back as WWF. There’s been NWA chants, but not WWF/WWE chants.  I’m not really sure why exactly, other than it’s the established order.  No one cheers the establishment, they just accept the inevitability of their supremacy.

That’s the paradigm of the WWE. The very group that leads the pack and sets the trend is somehow the least popular, yet most well known.  Their minor league products tend to outsell their main product.  NXT is arguably more popular and unarguably better product than at least three fifths of the television hours they put on mainstream TV, and yet it wouldn’t sell to a television audience.  It’s too new, it’s too small, it’s not Raw, it’s not Smackdown.

It makes you wonder if Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff knew that they needed to get the people to rally.  If that’s the reason that ECW still has its “us versus the world” mentality.  That as much recognition as it’s gotten in the wrestling world, ECW is basically the ultimate success story of the indy fed.  They stepped to the big dogs and could have taken them all.

Things are just getting back into the swing around here. We’re trying to keep up and part of that is the re-expansion of our wrestling minds.  Trying to take a look beyond that which is the accepted normal.  To have those discussions. This may be a little bit of a recycle, but truly, it was more of an observation.  It’s something that we need to be reminded of.  Try harder to remember that everyone comes from something.  Every empire falls. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

Stay Tuned

Khaos Theory – The Swing of Mighty Kacy

The Swing of Mighty Kacy
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I need to start this article off with a writer’s note… so, for the sake of continuity and proper writing etiquette…

::{Writer’s Note:  I feel weird that this is what inspired me to get up off of my ass and write an article.  Not Goldberg, and wanting to put a bow on whatever the hell that was.  Wasn’t the glory that was Reigns and Strowman.  Didn’t go with John Cena, Bray Wyatt, Johnny Impact or the revelation of the most obvious thing to happen since this side of Rock vs. Cena 2. Jeff Jarrett taking over TNA again, merging it with GFW, and subsequently having it tank anyway.

None of that gets my first article since WrestleMania… nope… it’s this.]::

It’s really easy to believe my focus hasn’t exactly been on wrestling lately.  I haven’t posted an article or updated anything since the Raw after Mania. I’ve been paying loose attention to WWE. I’m so far behind on Lucha its ridiculous.  I wish I as paying more attention to ROH, but ever since Michael Benningfield pointed out that the story of it really doesn’t keep following week to week I just can’t watch often.

But from time to time I do try and catch up, and I feel like I’m missing so damned much. I do miss watching the Young Bucks…

Anyway, I’m losing my focus here…

Last night I decide to catch up in my DVR, because I’m behind in so many damned things.  While I do, I watch Monday Night Raw, and I’ll get to that either tomorrow or later tonight, but after Raw, I decided to watch another one of my favorite things, American Ninja Warrior.

I decided to try something new, and not pay any attention to the city qualifiers or finals, or anything like that.  When they got to Vegas for the national finals, I decided to watch.

For those that don’t know about American Ninja Warrior, what the hell is wrong with you?  It comes from a Japanese athletic competition that’s one of the hardest most insane obstacle course challenges ever seen, Sasuke.  ANW has just gotten more insane as time has gone on, and in its ninth season, they are just as insane, if not a little watered down by having gotten so mainstream.

But if there’s one thing that American Ninja Warrior got right well before the WWE, it was the Women’s Revolution.  Women had competed in American Ninja Warrior in the same light as the men. Head to head.  Same course, same rules, same competition.  Up until this year apparently, which I just read that they pushed more women into the finals with a rule change.

In 2014, they finally had a woman climb the warped wall, a fourteen foot half pipe and finish a city qualifier course.  That woman was Kacy Catanzaro.  Let me put this into perspective for you…

Kacy is 4’11 and 95 pounds.  She is a gym instructor in San Antonio, originally born in New Jersey.  She is a never say die spitfire, and she has such a positive personality that she puts Bayley to shame.  Competitor takes on a new meaning with her, and when she made that fateful run in season six of American Ninja Warrior, she became an instant icon for the thought that women can do anything.

There’s all sorts of ways you can look at her, and what she did or didn’t do.  I’m sure I’ll hear about lots of them, (and by all means, I invite you to write in with your opinions and thoughts at [Real E-Mail])

I remember watching that night.  There are times that you know that you are seeing something that actually means something.  Something groundbreaking.   Something game changing.

Kacy just competed in her last American Ninja Warrior competition in Las Vegas last night.  It was an emotional night, and she fell short on the third obstacle.  It was interesting, and I was curious as to why it was that it was her final event as a ninja warrior.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that Kacy, with all the attention she’s garnered, and all of the things she’s done, she’s a WWE fanatic.  Of all the things she could have moved on to, she took her talents to Orlando, and accepted an offer to go to WWE Developmental.

That… That’s what inspired me to write this article.  Something that was hardly news worthy to anyone else that’s serious about wrestling, because truly, it meant something to me… and now I get to be curious.

Now, I get to see just how much the WWE is going to be doing to try to exploit someone who’s done more for the women’s revlolution than they could manage to. Because Kacy Catanzaro has one thing that the WWE creative team doesn’t have.  Authenticity.

Kacy will have her work cut out for her, and I hope she makes it.  I would love to see her doing great things in the WWE.  I just hope that they don’t try to cash in on her notoriety and/or completely throw her under the bus.  It’s already coming with Ronda Rousey, it’ll just be a matter of time.  That’s just one side of the coin, however.  The other half?  Ask American Gladiators Grand Champion Rico Constantino about that…

Best of luck in Developmental, Kacy. Please, don’t let them ruin you.  Go get your dreams, girl.  You’ve given them to so many others, go get yours, again.

Lessons in Race Baiting – The Saga of Titus O’Neil

Lessons in Race Baiting – The Saga of Titus O’Neil
Article Tunes: “Never Gonna Get It” – Sean Biggs f. Akon & Topic

I very nearly put this into an Indoctrination… and it may still be coming, Ryan has his own agendas now that we’re trying to actually do something with ourselves.  However, as Michael Benningfield decided to call me to the floor (and by me, I mean we, and by we, I mean the site…) I thought now would be as good a time as any to pick up an article that he himself didn’t find the energy to write, and write it up myself.

Just so happens, that the one that he tossed in my lap is so currently culturally relevant…

I need to preface this entire article by saying this:  I’m not particularly a racially charged individual.  I am of a few cultures, and I self identify as mostly Mexican and Native American.  Culturally, I identify with no one but the people who grew up with next to nothing, and still have most of it left.  I’ve had it pretty good and pretty easy in my life, and I acknowledge this openly.  That’s not to say life is all a shower in Scrooge McDuck’s vault with scores of beautiful naked women… but we can’t have all of our dreams, and I’m still breathing, and can microwave a burrito, so life could be miles worse.

As such, many will say I am not in a place to make commentary on that which I don’t understand… to either side.  I’m not oppressed nor have I ever been.  I’ve never had the experiences of many peoples in this world. Michael and I specifically have gone rounds between us because of the concept of race and racially charged issues in our society and in our politics.  He’s from Texas, I’m from California, and I can almost leave it at that if you can imagine the cliches of Yosemite Sam squaring off with Johnny Utah…  needless to say we come from different worlds.  We all do, which is my point.   Limited Perception Based Reality.  I really need to trademark that phrase.

So as we always say here at the W.F.O. Underground… if you don’t like something we have  to say, direct all e-mail to (and I can officially say this email is functional as of today…)  These are my views, my opinions, and my limited perceptions based on the reality as I see it, and for the sake of argument, I’m limiting this to sports related topics… Anything else… would be uncivilized…

So lets get right down to it, shall we?  It’s the second week in February,  dead smack in the middle of Black History Month, and here we are with stories that I’ve already heard this month:

DeMarcus Cousins of the Sacramento Kings gets shirts pulled honoring Chinese New Year “Year of the Monkey” due to release on the first day of Black History Month.

Cam Newton having to defend himself against reporters and fans because of his “over the top celebrations” and “flashy style” as a representative of an “black quarterback”

Beyonce Uses The Super Bowl To Promote Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers

Oh… and then there’s the one that gets to us. (By the way, I’m just stopping at three, because I promise you, there are more… but those are the ones that came to me easily)…

At the retirement celebration of Daniel Bryan, Titus O’Neil grabbed Vince McMahon’s arm as he went to leave.  Speculation has been rampant as to why in God’s name he’d do such a thing, but it was with enough force that Vince was visibly jerked back.  Vince, naturally being Vince, shoved Titus, and no one can really see whether or not Titus was laughing or not, but it appears he may be…

As has been reported a million places by now… the Chairman of WWE didn’t exactly take it lightly, as he reportedly had to be talked out of firing Titus, and initially suspended him for 90 days, since lowering it to 60, which still takes a talent out for WrestleMania 32.

Now that we’ve caught up with what happened, let’s dive into the dark side… pun fully intended.

Mike said he lost a previous post that he had done in regards to just how racist Vincent Kennedy McMahon is…  I remember the article, but I can’t remember when or where the hell he did it.  As he couldn’t recycle it, he opted not to do it again, where he drops it, I pick it up, but I start this portion of the article by saying this… I don’t believe this incident to be genuinely racially charged.  Someone threw it the hell down, and given, as stated above, the state of 2016’s Black History Month thus far, why in the hell wouldn’t they… I genuinely don’t believe this had anything to do with Titus being black.  This had to do with Titus having the audacity to touch Vince, and for the most part, being an expendable piece of the roster.

I should have mentioned I’m not particularly a fan of Titus O’Neil as a performer… but while it’s a fair commentary, it does bring forward a couple of things that we’ve discussed on the show before.  Vince doesn’t exactly hand the ball to black people.  I can’t remember the count, and if I wasn’t running long already, I’d take the time to run the numbers again.   It’s enough to where when you realize that Ron Simmons was the first black WCW Champion, and first black man to hold a major title… when you realize that most of the black guys in the WWE that you can name as a champion held the WWE World Championship (AKA the Smackdown Title) or the WWECW Title.   Those who want to point to The Rock, you can go ahead and do that, but 1) he’s only half black, and 2) he’s an exception that proves the rule.

Titus was sliding into a John Cena career slip n’ slide without realizing that it takes John Cena talent to establish, and John Cena guile to evade things… and John Cena tenure doesn’t hurt either.   Titus has done some great work in charity, he’s fought for some great causes, and is a great humanitarian.   According to sales for the WWE, Titus is selling merch left and right.  He’s a second place only behind John Cena.  He’s a media darling, he’s out on his own away from the Prime Time Players, and he’s climbing the ladder like Shelton Benjamin at Money in the Bank…

Sadly, much like Shelton,  Titus got bitchslapped hard enough to make his mama probably be showing up at Fastlane…

There are those who say a young black man was gaining speed, notoriety, and starting to get buzz, and Vince couldn’t hang with that, but with him agreeing to allow Triple H control until after Mania, he had to find an excuse to slap him down, and Titus gave him just that… a convenient excuse.  There are those who say it was nothing, and no one gets why an insane old man is making a mountain out of a molehill.  There are those who realize that Vince is insane, and know that if you touch crazy, it will anally rape you with a white hot branding iron if given half the chance…

Pick your poison… I know that the same man that banished Hulk Hogan for talking about black people in a sex tape don’t have the greatest track record when it comes to racial sensitivity.  But in the world that we currently live in, I wouldn’t, couldn’t, and shouldn’t be surprised to see lessons from the master in the art of race baiting…

…after all, we’re all talking about the WWE right now, aren’t we?  Makes us all have to stare at this face…


Khaos Theory – Divalution

Sometimes there aren’t words to say.  Sometimes you just see the blatant obliviousness of things and… just accept that there are things that we’ll never understand.  The Montreal Screwjob.  Why Hulk Hogan won the title at Wrestlemania IX. How Daniel Bryan ended up having two matches at Wrestlemania XXX.  Why Brock Lesnar took the streak from The Undertaker…

Why it is that the WWE just doesn’t know how not to shoot itself in the face by lowering itself to the petty bullshit that it’s come to try and distance itself from more and more each and every hour.

When the WWE unified the Diva’s Championship with the Women’s Championship I semi-understood it.  It was a new title belt, it was pretty-ful, the women’s title, while it had a bit of legacy to it, was kind of tired.  It was a new belt for a new generation, and I, if nothing else, had to give credit to the effort.  Had I seen the fact that they were going to try and swing a complete movement out of it… I may have blown up Titan Towers right then.   The WWE had the Divas, TNA had the Knockouts… keeping up with the jones’ and both of them did a rebranding of women’s wrestling… and for some reason… nobody seemed the wiser.

Say what you will, but I am not one of those people that believes that there are no women left out there that can wrestle.  I’ve seen too many of them that can.  For some reason, the concept is lost on mainstream wrestling.  TNA has a couple of really good wrestlers, and they don’t even bother to use them to their full potential.  Mia Yim, Gail Kim, Awesome Kong… Lei’d Tapa if you wanna get technical.  Brooke is coming along, but she’s not quite there yet.  Velvet Sky used to be able to wrestle, granted she chose to go off and model for awhile, then came back and apparently forgot everything, but I refuse to believe that she’s lost everything that she could do.  Hell, Angelina Love used to be able to fight… but for some reason… it seems like there’s something against women who can throw down…

Which brings us to the concept of “Diva’s”.  One could argue that Trish Stratus was a Diva before Diva’s became a popular moniker.  Sable was another one, but God help me that woman could barely wrestle.  However, she did do something that for awhile the WWE Diva’s forgot to do… and that’s try.   You wanna know some women I have to give credit to since 2008 when they officially made it the WWE Diva’s Championship?

Kelly Kelly.  The woman wasn’t that great, but she tried, she actually looked like she gave an effort, and yes, while she was still a barbie doll (pun if you know her real name), she got an A for effort, and I gotta give her a nod.

Eva Marie.  She’s gone to school and there’s a reason why she’s working her well toned ass off in NXT.  She could have been in the running for Diva’s Championship already based purely on popularity and looks, but she decided to put in the work, and so far, it’s shown improvement.

Nikki Bella. Yea, I actually have to give SOME credit to Nikki.  She separated herself from her sister, she actually learned how to at least look like she could fight, and she tried.  But this… this is where this article takes a right turn…

Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Summer Rae, Cameron… pretty much the entire cast of Total Divas Season 3 Minus Paige and Nattie… are there for the glamour.  The Diva Effect.  They’re there to look pretty and pick up a paycheck, and in that, they succeed… mostly… if you’re into that sort of thing.  At the risk of sounding sexist, at least in the attitude era, the ones that couldn’t wrestle at least got naked for their money…

Nikki Bella is a reality superstar.  Both her and Brie are.  Daniel Bryan is… arguably John Cena is.  I know Naomi and Jimmy Uso got over on Total Divas too… that’s why Jimmy’s on the Smackdown announce team while his brother is on the shelf.  Nattie is huge on Total Divas, but as we’ve talked about on the podcast a number of times, Samoa Joe killed Natalya’s career, whether we care to admit it or not.  Reality shows are where the WWE wants to go.  Look at the Network.  Legends House was a thing, people.  Swerved, Springer, Superstar Ink,  WWE Culture Shock, The List, WWE Table for 3… the RUNNER UP for Tough Enough is on the new season of Total Divas, and on top of it all one of their own people called them out for the bullshit that is Tough Enough, because they’re grooming the next great reality star, not the next great wrestling star.

This is even being called in most circles, accepted by the IWC as the “Reality” era.  So allow me in the greatest of nods to the late, great, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper… to deliver a reality check to all of these WWE Sympathizers, and the Bella Army… such as they are.

You have an Army… I lead a revolution.  A TRUE Revolution… not this hollow buzzword stealing no idea hack of a fucking hashtag that Stephanie McMahon orchestrated.  We lead a revolution here because it needs to be led. Because we as wrestling fans, as true wrestling fans, demand better.  Our cause continues to fall on deaf ears.  We have done everything from have a RAWlternative, to tell you to watch Lucha, or support TNA.  We have continued to push every possible option other than the WWE, and you still fail to listen.  The WWE isn’t listening… they still know what we already have… if you don’t stop paying them, they don’t have to try.  They have your money, what the fuck do they care about what you think?

Nikki Bella may try, but she has gotten where she’s at on her knees, in one form or another.  John Cena is the hardest working man in the WWE, and his work has given her the best of the shit that Vince doesn’t give a damn about.  With some of the best women in the business on his roster… the WWE continues to try to sell us on its agenda.  Selling Connor’s Cure, selling the network, selling Total Divas.  They don’t plug NXT… they don’t even sell their own pay per views… unless it’s to say you can see it all for just $9.99…

Charlotte Flair can wrestle.  She is an impressive wrestler, and truly even a home grown product.  She’s the daughter of a legend, and even she couldn’t get over the political message having to be sent to a woman that has been so far gone that most common WWE fans ask “AJ Who?”  This is a woman that has had arguably more impact on the WWE’s Women’s division than any other in history, but because one of the guys that the writers had her slut around with actually stuck, and because she loved him, she walked away from everything she claimed to have ever wanted,  to be with him after the company tried to kill him by ignoring a serious infection and trying to work him into the ground.  By setting her up to be a backstage pariah when she tried to work through the lawsuit of her husband against the company that she was the champion for.  I don’t intend to repeat Michael Benningfield’s poing about AJ…  but I know that if left to actually wrestle, the WWE has talent top to bottom… males, females, the whole kit and kaboodle… but the WWE Playbook is killing it all…

That’s your reality… thus the name of this title…

From the same people who brought you “(R)evolution” [Our Evolution]… I bring you the Divalution… [De-Evolution]

You got anything to say…… hit us up on Facebook, or Twitter… but to close this one out, I think that the best way to do it is with this:

Khaos Mode: Armageddon (The End Is Here)

Khaos Theory – Give Me Something To Bo-Lieve

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[Give Me Something To Bolieve
-- Companion File: The Bravery - "Believe"]
x:\Start Khaos

LTdoMb4Xc Red

There’s something that’s been itching like a cricket in my ear for the past few years now.  Something that I’m choosing today to get off of my chest.

I’ve told the story of how I became a professional wrestling fan numerous times in numerous places.  I’ve yet to do that here, in this medium, for a group of people who may not understand, so allow me to give you the tl:dr version of my journey into professional wrestling:

Been watching since I was 5 (that rewinds to 1989 for those keeping track), Used to watch spending summers at my dad’s house, catching old pay per view rentals while he was at work.  Watched mostly WWE (then WWF) and WCW, which is what I also watched going forward.  I came up in that age just before the attitude era, but completely being ignorant to the territory days and how that whole system was supposed to work.

I never knew about Texas and the Von Erich’s. Hell, I didn’t know Kerry Von Erich was Kerry Von Erich til I was a teenager.  To me, he was “The Texas Tornado”… and probably because of his attire, for some reason he struck me as an older and more mature version of The Ultimate Warrior.  I liked him, but I never fully understood him.  I didn’t get that Rick Rude came up through Verne Gange and that whole outfit in Minnesota.  I didn’t understand about Vince Sr. and the WWWF… I didn’t know a damn thing about Jim Crockett or Jerry Jarrett… I didn’t know anything about Dusty Rhodes being a booker, or even how ECW used to stand for Eastern Championship Wrestling…

For all intents and purposes, I grew up the ultimate mark…

Because of my mother, I knew that wrestling was… God help me for using the word… fake.  That is what I was told throughout my life, and I still maintain language means a lot, so yes, we all know it’s scripted… fake being a fight provoking word among those of us in our circles.  As my mom still to this day points out, “You can’t take a 300lb man and and have him drop his leg across another man’s throat and expect that man to live.”  I find it amusing that Hogan is the benchmark for what could and couldn’t be done.  God help me if she had ever noticed Gangrel’s Impaler, or even the Stone Cold Stunner.

Talent has gotten better. They’ve had to.  But the story remains the same.  The overall point to any and all of this is truly to entertain.  To put on a show, as it always has been.  The product in the ring is as important, if not more important, as the story outside of it.  The story has to be told through action as well as words, that’s how story works.  That’s how action works… i.e. actions speaking louder than words.  The WWE specifically have forgotten this mission statement.   They either don’t know how anymore… or they just flat out refuse to do it.   NXT would argue that they know how, but they’re just not.

Story is insanely important to entertainment, crucial, in fact… but we’ve come to the point of my whole article right here, and I’ve heard it one too many times now that I have to finally say something.

“Hey Josh, instead of ripping the WWE for how badly they suck, why don’t you just stop watching?  They must be doing something right if you keep wasting your time watching a shitty inferior product!!!”

Touche, fake person yelling at me… touche.  More history: I quit watching wrestling entirely in late 2013.  Between AJ going crazy and being all “let’s see who I can make out with today”, and Team Hell No (both the fact that a team would be named “Team Anything” and two, the entire section with Dr. Shelby, which I laugh at now, much like people who went through the attitude era have to laugh at Mae Young’s hand… and still want to slap Mark Henry with it.

I kept watching Raw during this time… that was it.  Impact had failed in it’s “Wrestling Matters” campaign, because you can’t make that statement, and follow it up with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff pulling out Immortal, and then following that up with the atrocity that was the Ace’s and 8’s…  No one was paying attention to Ring of Honor at the time, myself included, and the WWE was an atrocity… but it still had AJ who was worth staring at, it had CM Punk, who was worth listening to… and it had Bray Wyatt, who intrigued the hell out of me… but then something happened that proved that the WWE was possibly too far gone….

Two of the most fan boy and fan girled superstars got me to out and out quit watching…  Daniel Bryan was one.  Truth is… the fans killed me on D-Bry.  Dude is a stallion, but he’s like sucking on rice cakes and calling it gourmet dining… it’s bland, but they’re still selling him at premium prices.  But does anyone remember that brief moment when Daniel Bryan was supposed to be joining the Wyatt Family?  Yea, that was a thing…

The whole thing lasted all of two weeks. They broke him, they turned him, they berated him, he couldn’t take it and he got his identity back.  Two weeks without even being able to play a story out to see what might have been.

They gave two months between John Cena and the Nexus… and that one made so little sense I couldn’t even grasp it.  They gave Shawn Michaels and JBL two months, in a story that had Shawn used as a thug because of the recession in a topical storyline to what was going on in the world… and do I even have to say Big Show’s “I’m Broke” angle?  Which, by the way, was another cause of me walking away.

Bray Wyatt is hands down one of the greatest concepts I’ve seen cross the WWE’s desk in decades, but they keep on toying with him, and everyone, by not allowing him to take his rightful place as the hybrid of Jake Roberts and The Undertaker.  They haven’t let him win anything that matters, and the fans recognize what he is.  When they finally let him free, they will be absolved by us all, because they finally gave us what they want…

I walked away, but I came back.  In February 2014 I started working for a website called “The Wrestling Corner”.  That eventually turned into “We are IWC” and after about a year, W.F.O. made it’s eventual return to the hearts and minds of the wrestling world.  I came back because I heard a quote in regards to CM Punk and realized something… someone, somewhere… (and I’m sure many said it), that Punk couldn’t solve anything sitting on his couch at home.  CM Punk had enough in January of 2014, and he walked away from the business… and he hasn’t looked back.  That’s when I came back, because honestly I wanted to see if the WWE could, or would, learn anything…

I watch WWE not because I enjoy it… but because I want to… I need to enjoy it.  I have spent the past year trying to tear it apart, trying to show every crack, every dent, every dirty spot… because the WWE needs to be better.  It needs to fix things.  It needs to save itself…  Those fans who say “it’s just fine like it is”… you people need to shut up and take a look around.  You people who enjoy WWE as it is currently constructed are also the same people who can watch Lucha Underground and ask where the star power is.   You can watch what TNA’s doing, and say “well yea, but they’re just stealing things from the WWE, and they’re not doing them at all as good”…

Tell me what the WWE has going for it.  Anything?  The Divas Revolution?  The Authority?  Brock Lesnar and “SUPLEX CITY, BITCH!!!”?  This?


What does the WWE do?  What does it have that is the best, or the baddest, or the most exciting?  I ask you this and I dare you to respond to it without referencing NXT.  The WWE have talent… that are misused perpetually.  Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro, Owens, New Day, Ambrose, Reigns… oh, wait… you guys hate Reigns, right?  Because he’s like the samoan Cena… oh, right, and you hate Cena too!  The hardest working man in the business today… because he’s too whitebread… but you love you some Randy Orton… because everyone loves an entitled bad boy…

What do they do?  Total Divas?  Tough Enough?  Reality Television?  They cross over with ESPN, and they’re a top business venture while they give to and start charities all over the place fo their own corporate image.  They trend like nobody’s business on social media… but Sting just showed up on Raw for the fourth time ever on WWE Television… maybe fifth.   The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar are still the big talking point of everything they’re doing… Jon Stewart just interjected himself into a WWE Title match, Steven Amell beat a former Intercontinental Champion and current King of the Ring, and you all are busy yelling about how Sheamus looks stupid…

Their titles are mostly jokes… not the people holding them (Okay, some of them…) but just the titles.  They’re empty and meaningless placeholders.  The Pay Per Views are simply just continuations, not conclusions.  They’re not the biggest most climactic must see event… they’re three hours of (almost) commercial free Raw, that you pay $9.99 for (unless you still pay your cable company for it, I mean… really people, it’s just simple economics, just ask JBL, he’ll tell ya.)

Titles are meaningless, pay per views are meaningless, one half of their shows are used to recap the other half in an endless self consuming cycle of absolutely boorish homage to Vince McMahon’s colon, because clearly, that is where the man resides…

I want to hear from you, I honestly do.  I want to hear what it is that the WWE do better than Lucha Underground, better than TNA, better than ROH… better than anyone.  Why is the WWE still the benchmark, other than it’s the most widely recognized, longest lasting, shiniest piece of social media flotsam in the wrestling world at the moment.  Why do you defend the WWE from those whom would see it die rather than continue to make us all suffer watching it lobotomize itself?  Please… I beg of you, write me at, or on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram

Because here’s the cruel truth of it all. I continue to watch the WWE, even when I hate it, even when I’m so fed up with it I can’t see straight.  When I’m disgusted by it and I just want to turn it off and walk away… I keep watching not because I need something to complain about, not because I want to be a troll, not because I like to suffer… but because I want them to give me something to hold on to, something that shows me that they might be worth salvation… or I want to watch them officially die…

…they keep telling me, all I have to do… is Bo-Lieve…

Khaos Theory — The Agony of Gold

.............................Booting The System
.....................Disengage Safety Overrides
.....................Imputting Battle Sequences
...................Uploading InSaNiTy Protocols
x:\WFORevolution: Execute WFO Revolution InSaNiTy Protocol One: Khaos Theory

[The Agony of Gold
-- Companion File: Ennio Morricone - The Ecstasy of Gold]
x:\Start Khaos

LTdoMb4Xc Red

I had this whole thing planned out, but then as I was told, creativity kills minds.  This explains why the WWE is still as popular as it has been for as many years as it has been…

It’s late, but the more I thought about it, and the more I read Michael Benningfield’s article on the Diva’s Revolution, I thought I’d take it one step further… I thought I’d talk about just how much the fans have been hornswaggled, and no, I don’t mean that gnome who they passed off as the anonymous Raw General Manager.

I have to ask Vince McMahon, and the WWE a question… do they have a belt that’s worth half a damn at this moment?  One?  I’m gonna break this down for you, because I honestly wonder if the fans are just that stupid, or if we just don’t say anything, because hey… it’s something.  I’m leaning toward the first, simply because you stand fast with the WWE, while Lucha Underground, TNA, and ROH are still floundering…

Title by Title Breakdown… follow along:

WWE Diva’s Championship

Current Champion: Nikki Bella

Last Relevant Champion:  I’d say AJ Lee, but I’d actually make the argument that the answer is Beth Phoenix…

Why This is Failing:  Michael already made my argument here, but short version, the division has been a joke, the belt is never defended, and is currently being held by a flotation device who doesn’t wanna really be a wrestler.  No one has been thinking about the fact that they want to erase AJ from the record books… except us, whom have been saying this since Wrestlemania… and no one seems to care, despite writers actually having come out and stated that the plan for the Diva’s Division is to make people think they’re all catty bitches who just wanna fight with each others over boys and makeup and shit… (not verbatim, but if you care to find out what I mean, look here).  For the rest, read the above article.  People care more about the NXT Women’s Championship… and rightfully so.  Sasha Banks would and should destroy Nikki Bella, but it won’t matter if they don’t actually fix the root of the problem.

WWE Tag Team Championships

Current Champions: The New Day

Last Relevant Champions: I’d say the Uso’s… but to make Michael so happy… truly it could be argued it was Deuce n’ Domino…

Why This Is Failing: The New Day is doing the best they can do with the absolute shit they’re being given, and the fans are starting to actually get behind them.  They rode the wave of crap to being somewhat appreciated.  There are some actually good teams in the tag division.  The Lucha Dragons,  The Prime Time Playas, The Ascension…

Okay, I take it back… there’s not a lot of depth while they wait on The Uso’s to get back.  The WWE haven’t given a damn about the Tag Team Division for a long time, case and point, can you name the last five tag team champions without looking it up?

New Day, PTP, New Day, Usos……ummmm… oh yea, Tyson Kidd and Cesaro… because if your name isn’t Nattie Neidhart, you really remember Tyson Kidd about now…

The belts have been a joke for awhile.  I miss the Uso’s because truly when they beat the Outlaws was the last time I cared about a title change in the tag division, the division has been mostly weak since 2007 ish, barring a fantasy run with Trips and Shawn, and using it as a Nexus pawn… really it’s just been perpetually hollow.

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Current Champion: Ryback

Last Relevant Champion: I wanna say Ziggler? But truth is… I’m not sure there’s really been one this millenium…. RVD?  Jericho?  Who was the last person you heard of with the IC Title and thought “Yes… that’s the champion I want to see?”  Barrett maybe?  It’s a very arguable position really.

Why It’s Failing:  After WrestleMania XXXI I could have sworn they were trying to do the same thing with the Intercontinental Championship that they ended up doing with the United States Championship.  They recognized a problem that it was being buried, and they sought out to return it to mean something in the grand scheme of things.  Except Daniel Bryan got injured, and it all went to pot after that.  Instead of giving it to Sheamus… or R-Truth… someone who’s worked their ass off for the company and are still over… or Ziggler… someone who proved that he’s so much bigger than the IC Title, but sits in that same vein as Jericho and Michaels back in the day… they give it to Ryback… who comes down with a staph infection and goes on the shelf.  Then they have The Miz come out and point out that Daniel Bryan had to vacate… and just shine a glorious spotlight on that problem.  It’s a joke without an identity… the last time anything significant really happened with the IC Title was when Cody Rhodes (yes, CODY RHODES) brought back the old school belt…

WWE United States Championship

Current Champion: Seth Rollins

Last Relevant Champion: John Cena

Why This Failed: Jon Stewart…

I know, I know, you need more. So here it is.  Because Jon Stewart took a chair to Cena, and gave the belt to Rollins, apparently to prevent Cena from having a sixteenth reign as WWE World Heavyweight Champion and tying Ric Flair’s 16th World Title Reign (even though Ric has had 24 total runs as World Champion, it’s just not officially recognized by the WWE, because why would they?) They stopped what Cena had done to actually make the belt relevant.  Before Cena, it was Rusev, who actually legitimized the belt by tearing down the US like no other while holding the belt.   They got this one right with the US Open Challenge, with Rusev being dominating.  Prior to that… even Ambrose holding it in The Shield didn’t really do anything for it.  The entire of the WWE run of the belt, John Cena really has been pretty much the only relevant United States Champion… short of Rusev… and maybe Cesaro’s run.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Current Champion: Seth Rollins

Last Relevant Champion: I don’t care what anyone else says… CM Punk

Why It Failed: This is almost as easy as the last one… Brock…Lesnar…

The WWE just took a giant dump on its main belt in a match in which saw Jon Stewart determine the outcome.  The story was protecting the legacy of Ric Flair, when the irony is the WWE wouldn’t know legacy if it chopped off Vince’s nuts with Kaientai’s samurai sword.  Seth Rollins hasn’t been legitimized as a true superstar. Not because he can’t be, but because they won’t actually let him win a clean match.  Brock Lesnar was the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion of his couch… oddly enough after stripping Daniel Bryan for not defending the championship after a thirty day cut off… (cause that story worked really well the second time with the Intercontinental Championship, right?) they gave it to Cena to lose to Lesnar… vacated twice over the course of 18 months, changing hands between three people, and defended amongst those same three people only, plus one random appearance by Big Show.  The Rock loses the belt to Cena in a one off so important at WrestleMania XXIX that you had to end the longest modern day championship run by the best superstar that the WWE has had in an overall presence in recent memory.  Since then, Brock Lesnar has taken the streak, the belt, and become the biggest star in the WWE in most everyone’s eyes, even though it could be argued that Brock Lesnar has unintentionally killed the WWE between those two actions, even if he didn’t want to.

Not one of these titles means a damned thing anymore, and they haven’t for years.  People wonder why the product is suffering, but they don’t stop to think that it’s not just that the stories are crap, the in ring effort from the “wwe playbook” is suffering like a fat kid from constipation, except when someone goes off script to show that high spots still get over… and someone thinks no one is paying attention.

You won’t watch Lucha… you can’t watch Impact… you don’t know ROH… and NXT confuses you…

Behold the King… King Nothing…