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The Wrestling Files – The One Feud that Makes More Sense than Anything

The One Feud that Makes More Sense than Anything (But the WWE doesn’t see it).

By: Paul Marshall

Forgive the potential lack of quality for this column. It’s been about seven years since I stopped doing any wrestling-related writing. For those who weren’t around when Inside Pulse was establishing its identity, my name is Paul Marshall. I wrote for Pulse Wrestling for almost three years. I endured the first and only season of Celebrity Championship Wrestling. I endured the madness that was TNA. I created the W-Files. I ripped off the Ross Report and called it the Marshall Report…and you know, this could be the time to bring the former back.

Welcome…to the Wrestling Files. The place where I take something and make it sound more believable than WWE Creative. This is more of a cookie-cutter version, as I’m just doing this on the fly and with little train of thought considering I haven’t religiously followed the product in over a year. I read results every week and participate in the PPV prediction panel. So, here we go!

The Royal Rumble is over. Triple H rules the land once again as I check my watch and realize that I haven’t gone back in time. We have our main fueds for Wrestlemania 32 established with Brock Lesnar going on a feeding frenzy with the Wyatt Family, Chris Jericho working with Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles working with Kevin Owens, Charlotte taking on the Diva world, and a whole lot more. Also seemingly set is Roman Reigns avenging his loss by taking on Triple H.

But, the last two men in the Royal Rumble wasn’t Reigns and Triple H.

Nope. They were Dean Ambrose and Triple H.

Dean Ambrose has also been a thorn in Triple H’s side lately ever since he became Roman Reigns’ best friend, helping the big guy out when it was necessary. But, what has usually happened in any situation where Dean Ambrose faced off against the Authority? This even goes further while Seth Rollins and Sheamus were WWE Champion.

Roman Reigns wasn’t there for Dean Ambrose.

Roman Reigns is a bad friend, if you ask me. Dean was there for Roman many times, but when Dean needed the favor repaid, Roman was nowhere to be found. After being eliminated in the Rumble, Roman did what Roman always does…and leaves Ambrose to fend for himself instead of pulling a Wyatt family and coming in and eliminating Triple H just for giggles.

Where is the breaking point?

If I was fantasy booking this crap right now, I would have Dean Ambrose come out Monday night on RAW and simply challenge Roman Reigns to come out and have him answer why he didn’t help Ambrose beat Triple H. Have Dean become unglued saying that he was always there for Roman, through thick and thin and that Roman left him up the creek without a paddle. Notice how I’m refraining from using language here? Keeping things a bit on the PG side.

Roman tries to explain but decides to take Ambrose out instead, going heel in the process. Roman seems to be the easiest to turn here since he obviously is lacking fan support and Ambrose is as big a babyface as you can get. Ambrose is laid out and this would start the feud. Ambrose has the Intercontinental Title right now, but the feud wouldn’t necessarily require that belt, so perhaps at Fastlane, Roman could screw him out of the title.

For Wrestlemania 32, the bigger match would be Reigns v. Ambrose. Even if Triple H doesn’t have an opponent lined up, they could pull the play where the two fight to see who faces Triple H later in the evening. Two former friends turned enemies seems to be a more compelling story. It keeps Reigns from being forced down the fans’ throats.

So, which would you rather see at Wrestlemania? Ambrose v. Reigns, or Reigns trying to become John Cena II (and being hated like John Cena).