What’s In The Kitchen? – Eggs Woodhouse

I admit, it’s first day, and I’m phoning it in, mainly because I want to get this one up  while I’m still braining.  Barely alive at 3am, I figured hey, late night YouTubing lead me to this guy named Andrew Rea, who does food from movies and television, as best he can, based on description.  I also figured I’d mix in one of my favorite shows, Archer.  Giving you his recreation of Archer’s nearly perfect breakfast, Eggs Woodhouse. (It’s missing the pitcher of bloody mary… bloody mary’s? I’m… I’m not sure on this one, if you drink it straight from the pitcher…)

However, it’s basically just a YouTube link showing you how this man creates amazingness, even if insanely opulent and decadent amazingness that brings about such guilt, that he started a GoFundMe account for underprivileged children based on the amount he had to spend in order to create this dish.

I, for one, would love to try Eggs Woodhouse, and also cook like this man, or cook that meal on someone else’s budget, but I’m sure as hell not that well financed.  Sterling Archer has an expense account, and his mother’s Amex Black, so… Iberico ham is probably eaten at Christmas.

Also, probably betting that not many of you will go ahead and use this Eggs Woodhouse recipe in your own kitchens.  Hey, if you do, and you have it like that, by all means feel free to hit up our donations button on the home page. Pass some of that sweet sweet salad along to the W.F.O. family.  We will thank you for your graciousness and gratuity.  (Also, shop for things, that works too!)

At any rate, I hope that people learn to love the food, and by all means, like and support this guy, because he does awesome stuff on YouTube.  Like and support us too, if you like, because, well, it’s the nice thing to do. Enjoy the food porn!

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