What’s In The Kitchen? – Strawberry Shortcake Skewers

Okay, today in the kitchen, we’re taking a step away from the savory and looking into the sultry side of dessert, and one of the simple  things to actually construct.

Strawberry shortcake, done in skewer form and put together by Delish.com.  The recipe is mercifully simple, using mostly store bought ingredients, and done in an amazingly short time as well.

Basically, you make a batch of standard store bought biscuits and chill them, cutting them into one inch rounds when cooled,  slice up twelve to eighteen strawberries, or a pint, as the recipe calls for, and cut them to be uniformed size with the biscuit rounds.

They also call for you to make a rather simple homemade whipped cream, because it will stand up better than any form of store bought whipped cream.

Layer according to the recipe as shown. If you choose to go off script, I do have a couple of suggestions for the more savvy cooks of us in the world.

Macerating the berries will soften them, sweeten them, and make them harder to cling to the skewer.  However, if you macerate your strawberries, drain the syrup, lay out your strawberries and chill them, they will hold up to the skewer.  It will also make it easier to combine fresh strawberries as well for sweetness and flavor.

If you want to get fancy, the occasional bruised leaf of mint would be awesome too, and develop a whole different level of flavor in.

For another consideration of modification, think about syrup drizzles, glazing, or coatings.  A simple sugar glaze once hardened would work, or a strawberry jelly glaze, like people actually use to thicken up their strawberry shortcake mixes in the little cups would work too.  But if you ask me?

Mix up a couple of different chocolate coatings, both dark and milk. Maybe throw in some raspberry or mint extracts, and drizzle over your chilled skewers. Chill until hardened and it will take this simple thing to a brand new crazy level.

If all of that is out of your cooking range, or you just want quick, easy, and delicious, the Delish.com recipe will put together basic, awesome, and most importantly, simple, desserts.

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