Word on the Street: March 27th, 2017

It’s that time of year again.

Time we look into our very souls?

Time we let those pieces of ourselves die off for just $9.99?

NO! It’s time for Word on the Street, or again, just for your boy, Syrus McNeil, to start cranking out the rumors (*Schwarzenegger voice* IT’S NOT A ROOMAH!!!)  yet again.

I’d love to sit here and bullshit you even further than that, but really, ain’t nobody got time for that shit.  TO THE LIST!!!

  • I’ve been hearing rumors that Mika Rotunda, the daughter of Mike, the sister of Taylor and Windham Rotunda, has been hired in part by the WWE.  Now, what she’s doing being hired a week before WrestleMania, in what capacity, and in what role?  I have no clue, and we en masse will be left to speculate, and I for one know damned good and well what most people will be thinking.  Hell, I know I’m thinking it.  Sister of Bray Wyatt?  I mean… sister… of Bray Wyatt…

    …totally going in to the Women’s Title picture on Smackdown as Irma R. Schyster… #ItsTaxTimeBaybay

  • WrestleMania is always that time of year where superstars make their guest appearances, and with Mania this year being in Orlando, naturally everyone is thinking that the golden haired and red faced old man who doesn’t see any other colors but the red, white, and blue that he bleeds because he wants to make Mr. America great again, Hulk Hogan, is due to be the frontrunner, although God knows in what role, probably to squash Bray Wyatt at yet another Mania.  But who else could possibly show up?  Here’s a few candidates from us:

    1) Ric Flair – It’s in Florida, and when you visit the retirement state, you get a face full of Flair… it’s just bound to happen.

    2) Lance Storm – He’s one of those guys who could be a random presence that no one would see coming, he could pass for a cruiserweight, and he’s involved in the movie that WWE social media seems to be plugging… it sounds about right… if I could be serious for a minute.

    3)Shawn Michaels – He’s Mr. WrestleMania… Shawn is like a bad penny when it comes to Mania.  He was retired at 26 (or XXVI, for traditionalists).  Since then he’s been at Mania XXVIII (Special Ref for Triple H v. The Undertaker), Mania XXIX (Manager for Triple H v. Brock Lesnar), XXXI (DX v. nWo showdown, getting the final blow on Sting), and XXXII (One of the three legends who showed down with the League of Nations after the League of Nations vs New Day match)

    Four out of the past six he’s been involved.  He’s already come out of the woodwork for the Reigns and Taker match… I’m gonna go ahead and say he’ll be there, more on that in a second.

    4) Penny Hardaway – They couldn’t pull Shaq out… why not Penny?

  • Word on the Street (see, dropping the name of the article in there, I really should do it EVERY TIME according to my SEO tracker, but I only have so much of it in me…) is that The Undertaker is hurt.  Not just hurt, but badly hurt.  Like he may not be able to go, hurt… no one sees where I’m going with this do you? (See: Shawn Michaels [above])
  • Also, since I’m doing this prior to the go home version of Raw, allow me to throw out this little thought…  at least two of the hall of famers are gonna show up tonight, but we won’t have a real clue as to who the new GM is going to be until next week, at the draft…

For now, I think that’s all she wrote, I’ll see you guys tomorrow with more


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